I pride myself in offering a friendly service, taking on board all ideas and suggestions, putting these together with my technical and design knowledge and suggesting a solution. Whilst I will listen to your ideas, if something won’t work for any reason, I will take the time to explain this, and suggest alternatives (for example if a colour scheme is not appropriate, a layout will not work with the required content, etc). I speak in plain English, in terms you will understand and help you take your ideas and put them into a fully functional website.

I’ve been involved in web design for the past five years and in that time have taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can. I started off for fun, with my own personal site and have since gone on to work on a number of external sites including this one. Website design projects include a community centre called The John Bull Community Centre; a debt management company called DebtfreeHaven; a theatre school called Imagination Theatre in Kent; an LGBT bar called The Chocolate Lounge, and The Glass Bar, a women’s member only venue in London.

I can produce anything from a one page static information site to a multiple-page interactive website to inform your customers of your product. I will always tailor the site to your requirements. As well as the design, structure and development, I can also help in producing content and copywriting for your site.


All my websites are designed with natural search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. What is natural search engine optimisation? Also referred to as organic search engine optimisation, it refers to the process of achieving and maintaining high ranking placements in the free search engine listings (such as Google), i.e. the results that are not paid for.

Natural optimisation results in a far greater exposure across all search engines than pay per click (PPC), (unless you run multiple PPC campaigns, which can prove time consuming and expensive to administrate) as we optimise our clients sites for all search engines to increase the targeted traffic to your website.

Natural SEO is always content based, and involves detailed analysis of search engine user behaviour. A campaign will inevitably fine tune your website copy to provide the information that people are looking for, whereas pay per click campaigns do not require improvements to the websites, and therefore do not enhance your site for all users.

Statistics show that people favour websites that rank highly in the natural listings over those in the sponsored listings, as they appreciate that the site is there on its own merit and through hard work, rather than payment, although admittedly some users don’t know the difference between free and paid results [Source: De Vos & Jansen, February 2007].

Websites are a good way of attracting new customers, promoting your events, enhancing your reputation, communicating your events or products and even as a way of keeping in touch. However, poorly designed sites can have the opposite effect so it is essential that you have a clear, concise, inviting website that sells your business/service to its full potential.