Well I’m back to reviewing all things lesbian, bi and queer on the scene in the UK. I’ve had some time away to rediscover who I am, what I want and now I’m back.

For the previous 5 years I’ve had an editor, someone to either write the reviews, or to edit the reviews – actually not all of them; just a lot of them. I’ve never had confidence in myself as a writer. Maybe it was because the editor had an English degree and was a writer, or maybe it was just because I didn’t need to because there was an alternative. Whatever the reason, now I find myself writing. I can ask people here and there for comments but ultimately I am the writer and the editor. Scary times!

The question is ‘can I do it?’ and the answer seems to be yes. I mean, I have written other articles, and I am pretty happy with them. They are no Shakespeare, but then that isn’t my style. They’re not exquisitely written with loads of bigs words, but I’ve always found those articles make me feel stupid and small so I don’t see that as a bad thing.

I put off writing for the first few months, petrified that I couldn’t do it… but actually now I’ve started I think I’m going to be ok!

So I’m here writing another blog article – something I’ve vowed to do more off. Whilst Planet Nation is an important website; I need to ensure that I keep myself present as well. I’ve realised the importance of me as well as the community. I will still do all I can to support a thriving and diverse community for the often forgotten or invisible lesbian, bisexual and queer women; but I’m also ensuring that I make time for me.

I actually am in shock as I write this as I’ve just read an email from TelloFilms.com and tweets from Trish Bendix announcing the closure of AfterEllen.com. Having come so close to losing my website, I know how hard it is to keep financially afloat and particularly when you have mainstream owners with expectations around income. Trish has written a very good blog post about the demise of the site and original founder Sarah Warn has tweeted a few messages around how to prevent other vital resources from closing.

So, I am going to keep writing; and I’m going to push the website and make it work. I’ve always been a determined Gemini… although from recent news I may now be a Taurus… something to think about!

My top 5 articles:

In an attempt to be positive, I found 5 articles that I particularly like: