What a year!

I haven’t posted for some time, partly as I’ve been busy and partly because my world as I knew it couldn’t look any different!

I had to admit that the lesbian community in London isn’t a sustainable business, and it got so tough I nearly lost the business. This was a tough time but in the end the community spoke up asking to Kee it so I ended up re-branding and redesigning the site to make it more sustainable. In June 2016 Planet Nation was launched! I’m running it light, but that is enough for now.

I don’t think I realised how much I needed to just take time out. Years of subconscious stress around my Mum being unwell, of my wife having recurring illness and then getting cancer (she is fine now) really took its toll. I was more surviving than living now I look back. I was lost and I was lacking vital support and guidance.

In May my marriage suddenly ended, out of the blue with no warning. My wife left me. Obviously at the time I had no income and my reserves had run out so my focus then became getting a job and becoming independent.

I’m a big believer in fate, timing and the universe and so when a fab position was offered to me I snapped it up. I’m now Operations and Events Executive at Square Peg Media. I work in a small office, 90% gay and am loving it!

I definitely hit my rock bottom during this year. I’ve had some personal challenges, but I have survived – I’m still here!

In fact I am doing rather well. Even I am surprised some days. Losing my Mum put life in perspective. I realised life is short and you can’t hang onto things you have no control over. When my marriage ended this really helped me to deal with it and move on. I made sure to take opportunities, made a conscious effort not to let doubt, cynicism and past hurt stop me from taking what the universe was offering. It isn’t plain sailing and I still get occasional moments of questioning things I used to be so sure about – marriage, for example.

I have bad moments, but they are hours or a day at most, and I can bring myself out of them. I’m using mechanisms like positive mantras and music too.

Live isn’t easy, and I’m having to really watch the pennies to stay in London, but I’m determined and focussed and so I’m managing it.

life is good…






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